It’s time!

It’s time!”, she thought;  
And the clouds rumbled as if to give a nod.
Her face wore a lightning-bright smile;
She couldn’t wait to break away from the exile!

As she walked by, the leaves rustled vigorously;
Even the branches of trees bowed down courteously.
The winds wildly swirled around, to mark the coming of a storm;
Such that nature seemed to have laid down its norms.

The clouds all huddled together with roaring cries;
Casting a spell of darkness all over the skies!
And the thunderous lightning announced her arrival in the dark;
All of it for her, the one who conquers all with her spark.

She had missed it all- embracing peoples’ happiness and pain;
And somewhere they began, the first showers of rain!


When I was a kid, the first reflex to the first showers of rain was to simply rush outside. And till today, it remains the same. To me, it’s about forgetting all that your mind is engrossed about, breaking free from all tyranny and just getting drenched in the rain outside. The smell of the damp ground, the cold breeze which gives you chills and those tiny droplets of water, everything!  

One of my favourite things to do in rains – It’s raining outside and here I sit in the balcony, reading a good book while sipping coffee. Call it a cliche, but it works like magic to me!