When she walked away.

They both stood outside the front-yard of the huge sprawling bungalow that they lived in. The mid-July monsoon showers had begun to flow mercilessly. His face gave away his daunted feelings, fearful thoughts erupted his mind. His heart beat had caught an unnatural pace. Whereas she, she stood with a stoic posture, unnerved.

It seemed as if the throbbing heart of one was calling out to the other, to calm the storms. At times, you do wish that life wasn’t this difficult.
       She braced herself, tightly holding the bag’s handle, gearing herself to bear the parting talk.

       He gently took her soft hand in his and then it began:

Him : You can still turn back,you don’t have to do this.

Her: I don’t have an alternative! This is what I want.

Him: My dear, since the day I saw you, I promised myself that I won’t ever let anything or anyone harm you, come what may. We don’t know what kind of horrors you might have to face out there.

Her: But, I need to be out there, to seek what my heart desires. I can simply wait here all my life. But, how can you silence the horrors of my heart, then ? The regrets I’ll bear for the rest of my life.

Him: All my life, I’ve strived to give you everything you ever wanted and I still can!

Her: And there are things that I want for myself, from me. If I stop here, I’ll be only stranded.

Him: I want you to achieve all that you want. But, this fragile heart of mine, it doesn’t understand all of it. All it knows is to love you, to protect you and to never let that smile from your face fade away.

Tears start rolling down her face.I have loved this man all my life. I wish I could stay back and watch him smile with those glistening eyes.

Her: It is you who gave me the strength to take this decision, to keep my head held high and my spirit strong.
And how do you think I’ll forget that one person who made me who I am? You cannot take the stars away from the sky that holds them. And I’ll be your brightest star, Papa!
And they hugged each other for what seemed like eternity.


Far often, we tend to forget appreciating the things people do for you. Especially your parents. The little things they have been doing for you, are what contribute to make you the person you are today. And when the whole wide world goes against you, they’ll be the ones to not only protect you, but give you the strength to fight back. This post is a dedication to every mother and father out there who does all possible things to never let their kid’s smile fade away. :’)

“Oh my dear, just come back here. You can sure let your heart sing, but first come here and take your wings.”

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