That one cab ride.

     “Job-life begins. College life is over. Life change ahead.” All these phrases are pretty scary for a 22-year old. The not-so morning people like me have to bear the added brunt of actually getting up when the Sun rises. You begin to genuinely miss the blissful 10-hour naps.
One such sleepy-eyed early morning, I happened to take a cab to work. The ride started like any other day, my eyelids trying to find closure. Then began one of the most inspiring conversations I’ve ever had.
The Cab-uncle asked me, “Beta kya karte ho?”
Me – “Engineering complete kiya hai, aaj job ka 2nd day hai.”
To which his first instinct was to say, “Engineer ho toh Bangalore mein kyu nahi ho.” It’s funny how stereotyped the society has become!

What he said after it, will always be a reminder to me.

You’re getting into a 9-5 job. Almost everybody is able to do that. But the talent that you have, make sure you don’t let it get away with a busy life. Follow it, furnish it and strive for it; you will go places. Money will follow. You guys are young and you have time to go after your dreams. 

My friend’s kids earn 20 lac per year. I don’t even know what I’ll do with that kind of money. I never had any likes or tastes that would require much money.
I couldn’t complete my 10th grade. But,school days are the best part of your life. Enjoy the adolescent days.

These days, education is very important. I have two daughters- The elder one wants to become a CS and the younger one is into Commerce field. I want to see them both become successful in their lives. Agar bacche mehnat kar rahe hai na, toh paise toh kaise bhi jama kar lunga. When your children are striving to achieve greater heights, as parents you do anything that you possibly can to make it work.


Episodes like these make you realize how fortunate you are. You have crossed a certain milestone in education with minimal efforts because of your parents. Some parents couldn’t achieve their dreams, but they strive hard, so that their children can achieve what they want. Maybe the less fortunate ones have the ability to understand the worth of education in a much better sense. And the best quality they have is humility.

Also, some of us have certain passions that we dream to achieve one day. Time is such that along with dreaming, you have to act upon it every single day, every moment. To see the picture in your dreams become reality, now is the time to get worked up.
And yes, never ever stop believing in what lies in you heart. Realize it’s worth with every beat of your heart! DREAM BIG. :’)

Fly just so high, amongst the birds in the sky. And soar upto the peaks, which your heart truly seeks!

It’s time!

It’s time!”, she thought;  
And the clouds rumbled as if to give a nod.
Her face wore a lightning-bright smile;
She couldn’t wait to break away from the exile!

As she walked by, the leaves rustled vigorously;
Even the branches of trees bowed down courteously.
The winds wildly swirled around, to mark the coming of a storm;
Such that nature seemed to have laid down its norms.

The clouds all huddled together with roaring cries;
Casting a spell of darkness all over the skies!
And the thunderous lightning announced her arrival in the dark;
All of it for her, the one who conquers all with her spark.

She had missed it all- embracing peoples’ happiness and pain;
And somewhere they began, the first showers of rain!


When I was a kid, the first reflex to the first showers of rain was to simply rush outside. And till today, it remains the same. To me, it’s about forgetting all that your mind is engrossed about, breaking free from all tyranny and just getting drenched in the rain outside. The smell of the damp ground, the cold breeze which gives you chills and those tiny droplets of water, everything!  

One of my favourite things to do in rains – It’s raining outside and here I sit in the balcony, reading a good book while sipping coffee. Call it a cliche, but it works like magic to me!

The Journey

Sometimes, you read a book which propels you to write about it. You read something so beautiful that it makes you want to it to be known to all. One such book I came across, is ‘Journey‘ by Danielle Steel.

We all have heard news and stories about physical abuse. But, what about the secluded and hidden form of violence that resides amongst us. Mental abuse, this is a form of abuse which can be even more dangerous than a physical one. As the author quotes – “Where he hits at your soul and your self-esteem.”

In the book, Maddy is this beautiful, ingenuous girl who has been saved by Jack, her current husband, from years of physical abuse. But things go haywire when she realizes that she is still being abused,not physically but mentally. Jack doesn’t display any form of physical torture, but directly attacks her mind and soul. He makes her feel that he owns her and she is his puppet. The book is a beautiful “journey” of Maddy’s life, how she overcomes all the shortcomings and inner-fears and sets herself free. It really inspires you to understand that before anything else, you should learn to put your happiness first. And to find your inner-self, do things that you genuinely love and walk past everything that will bring you down.

Some of us might have gone through a similar ordeal. The most important thing you need to do is accept that you are being mentally abused. Such abusers appear as normal humans to the society. But, they demean the victim, make him/her feel abashed of themselves, disrespect and belittle the victim. Whenever the victim tries to take a stand against it, the abuser makes the victim feel as if it’s his/her fault and that the abuser is a victim. People need to realize this kind of behavior and take a stand against it.

It’s not about a man or a woman. Any person can be a victim of mental abuse. Rather than putting up with people who are a chaos to your mind, find the peace that your mind deserves. Now-a-days, we blindly believe in certain things and people around us. That, this is what you’ve been destined for. Maybe it is, but if it’s not then you need to decide for yourself. Learn to discern the thin line between what makes you and what breaks you. We get adhered to things just so easily, to words, to promises, to acts, to faces, to bodies. Maybe we just need find something that our soul gets annexed to!

Nobody, let me repeat, NOBODY has the right to make you feel worthless. There are times when the best choice you make is walking away. It’s a difficult one, but it’s what you have to do for your own happiness. You need to part away from things and people that won’t ever do good to you. It is scary, but you need to understand your self-worth and that realize that you deserve so much better. You, yourself need to rattle the cages and set yourself free. And have the belief that in this JOURNEY, you’ll eventually come across people who will make it worthwhile.

Just find that smothering fire inside you and let its fierceness define you.